Terms and Conditions of Use of BIMMI

Terms and Conditions of Use

1. Access
BIMMI website and its contents are public and freely accessible. Although, to be a part of the network of users and BIM Management Institute professionals and to use some of the features of the Site, including Signs sharing, Insights, Voting, Comment and Ideas submission, the user must formalize an online registration.

1.1 Privacy Policy and Users Data Protection
In accordance to our Privacy Policy, registering at our Site requests some personal data such as name and e-mail. Along the way of using BIMMI tools, will also be archived information about the user's activity in the menu “Members”, which access is public. BIMMI does not sell, rent, or otherwise makes available to third parties any personal data sent by users of our website. The use of these data by persons/entities alien to BIMMI is not our responsibility.
If a user intends to modify or delete the information provided, he must send a written communication to BIMMI through clients@bimmi.org

1.2 Conduct
By registering in BIMMI website, users understand that it is forbidden to:
- Access and/or use the features and content of the Site for illicit purposes;
- Disseminate illegal, offensive or violent content, or content that violates the privacy and intimacy of third parties;
- Violate intellectual property rights;
- Use any of the elements of the Site for commercial purposes, advertising or any other that does not represent the main purpose of the Site;
- Use the Website for purposes who might blacken BIMMI image;
- Submit articles, ideas and/or comments which are not his property or whose original author is not properly identified and has not authorized the disclosure of that content.

2. Site Usage
2.1 Signs
This tool provides the informal sharing of articles or relevant information about BIM (Building Information Modeling) that Users find in other sites. BIMMI defines this Signs must be framed in a specific channel (channels are established and properly identified on the Site). BIMMI reserves itself to the right to remove signs whose content is merely advertising or violates the conduct rules set out in Section 1.2 of this document.

2.2. Articles
Articles published on the website are written by qualified professionals invited by BIMMI so they can share their knowledge. Nevertheless, users may create a spontaneous submission of an article for BIMMI site through clients@bimmi.org. The online publication of the article produced will always be subject to prior evaluation of the quality, validity and scientificity of its content by BIMMI team.

2.3 Challenges and Ideas
BIMMI offers Challenges promoted by itself or in partnership with other entities, in order to encourage the discussion and dissemination of community ideas, to solve a particular problem or to exploit an opportunity. The shared ideas and comments must be original, constructive, properly communicated and justified by its author, and always complying all the conduct and intellectual property rules established in this document.
The criteria for select winners and their respective awards will be explained in the content of each Challenge. Whenever the criteria to select the awarded ideas is dependent on the number of professionals who support it, through comments or positive evaluations, BIMMI reserves itself to the right of disregard impartial comments. BIMMI also forecasts the exclusion of ideas and comments whose content is depreciative, advertising or violates the conduct rules set out in Section 1.2 of this document.

3. Copyright and Content Property
The information contained in this Site, including the domain, logos, drawings, illustrations, photographs, films, text, graphics and attached documents – are exclusive property of BIMMI and protected by law. All the original content of author available on the Site, namely the one published on “Articles” menu, is subject to the current legislation on Intellectual Property and Copyright.
The download, copy, modification, transmission, distribution, reproduction or forwarding of this information for commercial or other purposes, without the previous written permission of BIMMI, is expressly prohibited and punished by law.
The external use and/or disclosure of any information contained in this website implies the mention of its origin and authorship, and its use must be requested and authorized by BIMMI through clients@bimmi.org.
By submitting any content or information to the Site, such as Articles, Comments, Ideas, Signs, Insights, images, questions, other material, the user declares to authorize, free of charge, non-exclusive, perpetual, global and free of remuneration, compensation or retention, the use of this content by BIMMI.

4. Responsibility Disclaimer
Being a community of online sharing, BIMMI website expects an active participation of its users and the sharing of references and/or links to other sites. BIMMI disclaims responsibility for all the ideas/articles/comments submitted by any user, and also for any content from other sites, whose origin is properly identified by the respective source. The user is exclusively responsible for any information he provides to the Site.
BIMMI does not control or guarantee the quality of external sites, so he can’t be responsible for the content or other features of these sites. When inserting links to these sites, users must review and accept the rules of that site before using it.
BIMMI is not responsible for any damage or loss that may result from the use of the information contained in this Site, directly or indirectly descendant from it or relating to its use.

5. Jurisdiction
The presented Terms and Conditions are governed by Portuguese law. All disputes arising from the interpretation and enforcement of these Terms and Conditions shall be from the territorial jurisdiction of the judicial district of Lisbon, with express disclaimer of any other. The invalidity or partial ineffectiveness of any provision of these Terms and Conditions, or the existence of gaps, will not affect the persistence of the same untainted part.

6. Exclusion
BIMMI reserves itself to the right to deny the access of a user to the Site or any of its resources if, in our view, the user violates the conditions set forth in this document. BIMMI will opportunely inform the user that is access to the site was suspended.