How does it work?

How it works?


BIMMI online is a place that promotes the collaboration among the industry.

BIMMI bets on collective intelligence.  Through group intelligence that emerges from the collaboration, collective efforts, and competition of many individuals we hope to push BIM international implementation.


We deliver to you regular Articles from BIM specialists. We are inviting more and more specialists to share their knowledge. Follow the topics that interest to you and see what is happening in the BIM World.


You can contribute. On the tab Signals you are invited to share news and articles that you find on the internet with your peers.


There are some topics that because of its importance we want to follow closely. That's the reason that we challenge some professionals to dedicate themselves to be the responsible for surveille some interfaces and gives us the best knowledge public available. Check this formal surveillance on the Insights menu on the right.


And not forget to check our Challenges! We need your help to make BIM work globally. Give us Ideas on how to handle problems or opportunities that appear. For the best ideas we will have surprises!


Hope that you find our online community usefull. Participate on it as much as you can. Share and comment articles, signals, insights, ideas, etc on the BIMMI Community.